Editing and proofreading by Neil Wick

I can proofread your thesis, dissertation, journal article, or presentation to make sure your language is clear and doesn't get in the way of what you are trying to say. I have experience proofreading theses in Linguistics, Civil Engineering, Computer Science, Math, Electrical and Chemical Engineering, and Philosophy.

I am an expert native speaker of English with a Bachelor's degree in Linguistics from the University of Toronto and a Master's degree in Linguistics from York University. I have led tutorials classes for eight groups of students in language-related courses at York and I have taught a course in Historical Linguistics at the University of Ottawa.

Contact me at neil@wick.net to check my availability. It is helpful if you can tell me when you think your article or chapter(s) will be ready for proofreading, how big it is (how many words), and how soon you will need it returned, and I can tell you if it fits into my schedule.

If necessary, I am available to meet in the area of Ottawa centretown, but I very seldom visit clients in person. Usually, everything can be done online.


I can usually work with your deadlines, even if it means working late at night or on the weekend, but if you need something done very quickly, you need to advise me in advance, so I can make myself available.


My base rate is $39.75 per hour but I am currently offering a special rate of $30 per hour for students. The amount of time it takes depends on how much work needs to be done. One cent per word will usually give a reasonable estimate for basic editing (spelling, word agreement, style, etc.). If there are sentences that are difficult to understand due to their structure, it will take more time to do those or I can just indicate, "I don't understand this. It needs to be clarified." If you need me to correct your sentences with difficult structure problems, it will take more time and the price will increase slightly.


Payment is due as soon as the work is done. For longer works, like theses, it is usually better to get them edited one chapter at a time. This allows you to benefit from seeing where you are making common errors before you finish later chapters. You can pay after each chapter or maybe after two chapters if they are close together in time.

I usually get payments by Interac e-Transfer. This is easy and convenient for both you and me. Using e-Transfer, you can just email the payment. Almost every bank in Canada offers e-Payments through online banking. When you send the payment, you will need to make a password that would be hard for a stranger to guess. If this method of payment will not work for you, other arrangements can be made.

File format

The fastest and most efficient type of file for me to use is Microsoft Word. I can easily indicate which words need to be removed, added, or changed using the Track Changes function in Word. You will need to go through my suggested changes using the Changes panel of the Review pane in Microsoft Word to make sure I didn't misunderstand what you were trying to say. You can accept or reject each change. It is still your paper and it is always you who will make the final decision.